Wednesday, February 29, 2012

International Patisserie, Cake Formula & Assembly part 2

Here are a few more pictures from my last couple weeks of this class.

 Bavarian Cream Cake (Chocolate Torte with Bavarian Cream, Tuile stenciling and Joconde Cake and Raspberry-White Peach Gelee, Chantilly Cream and Raspberries and Chocolate Filigree)
I probably shouldn't have used 2 completely different colors. Oh well. Lesson learned. :)  The bright green looks like mold.

I ended up giving half of the cake away to 2 neighbors. Jerry, one of our neighbors traded me some Lemon Pound Cake that he had made earlier that day.  He also gave me some loose leaf tea his daughter had given him that he didn't quite care for.  It was a nice trade. :)

Tiramisu with Chocolate Marbling and more Filigree

Opera Cake 
(lots of layers of chocolate, ladyfingers, espresso, Italian buttercream, and ganache)

Chocolate Mousse Cake.  This was our final project for class.  We worked on the cake, mousse, chocolate work and glazing.

(yes, that is my instructor in the background, squinting to read something on the board.) 

I really liked this cake.  It was so shiny! (You can even see my camera's reflection in it.)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

NBA Basketball

One of the things Carla and I always loved to do was attend a Sonics games at Key Arena. Due to a variety of local City, County, and State officials, an Oklahoma businessman, and a gutless NBA Commissioner, this joy has been taken from us. I don't want to get into all the politics of the events that transpired as it only makes my blood boil inside and I get into a foul mood for a day or so. But lets just say my passion for the NBA took a slight hit when the Sonic's left. However, since we have moved to Portland and I have found myself watching some Blazers action on TV.  Now I am not going to say I am a Blazers fan by any means, but living in the area and working with fans, I find myself cheering for them. I now understand what it is like to move into another town and start to pull for the local team (this actually applies in the opposite direction towards my thoughts on the Ducks though). So this last Monday, I saw the OKC Thunder were coming to town and thought it would be perfect for Carla and I to attend and sport our Sonics gear with the hopes that the league will still someday return to Seattle.

The game was very close the whole way but OKC happened to win in Overtime. There was an atrocious call at the end of regulation that sent it to OT that reminded me of my disdain biased officating in the NBA towards their 'stars'. This particular call was goaltending on a game tying field goal attempt by Kevin Durant in the closing seconds. At full speed the call was not even 50/50 in my eyes and replay showed the call to be a clear legal block, but nonetheless the call was made. Had this been any other player on the court taking this shot, I firmly believe no call is made and the Blazers win. While I would have loved to see the Thunder lose, I didn't lose any sleep about it. We both had a great time and have committed to each other that if the NBA ever returns to Seattle we will be at opening day. And if that day ever comes, I really hope David Stern has the balls to show himself in that arena.

Here were some photos from the game:

Carla got dibs

Some other notes and thoughts:

  • While the tone of this post somewhat reflects a negative attitude and view of the NBA and they're officiating, I am eagerly awaiting their return to Seattle with open arms. 
  • Last week Saturday I played a local city muni course here in Portland (Colwood) and shot an even par 72 with 4 birdies on the last 5 holes. Yesterday I played at a much tougher and longer course in Royal Oaks in Vancouver and hit the ball much more to my liking and even thought I rolled my putter better but carded a 77. That is golf I guess. Swing feels great right now, watch out Peter(s)!
  • Carla continues to work and go to school. She has been doing an amazing job and to answer your questions, yes the stuff she brings home is amazing, and yes I am trying to keep off the weight in the process but it is Hard!
  • The Rose Garden is a very nice arena. Really wish Paul Allen owned every franchise in Seattle. Sonics would still be in town and the Mariners might actually compete once and a while.
  • Carla and I went to Fish Grotto for our Valentines dinner last night and it was Delicious.
  • We have picked out a church to attend we both really like that has plenty of young people and we feel we can get plugged into. It is called Imago Dei Community and we both really enjoy the Pastor and the music.

Take care.